Running Ubuntu on Beaglebone Black

Replacing Angstrom with Ubuntu

I quite struggled with Angstrom :

  • could not install most of needed perl modules
  • could not get sftp to work
  • lot of stuff I am not using running by default (and not sure how to remove it)

Not saying Angström is not a good distro. It is good for discovery and just runs out of the box. It is jus a bit raw for me and I am not used to it.

I finally decided to move to Ubuntu, a linux distribution I know a bit more and which has a wider supporting community.

I found all required information to install Ubuntu here : If I do a short summary :

  • Download the eMMC Ubuntu image here : BBB-eMMC-flasher-ubuntu-13.04-2013-10-08.img.xz
  • Unzip it and dump it to an uSD card (2Gb is ok) using WinDiskImage on windows (or dd on linux)
  • Insert SD card into the BBB
  • Power it on
  • Wait for the 4 leds to be solid (can be long, more that 30 minutes…)
  • Remove power
  • Remove SD card
  • Power again : you’re running on Ubuntu !

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