Upgrading Yùn from OpenWRT to Linino

[Important Edit : I just realized that the tutorial I found was not genuine Arduino web site http://adruino.cc. I stumbled upon http://arduino.org instead. So if you bought a “Genuino” Yùn, it should have OpenWRT-Yun installed, not linino. Nevertheless, you stil can install linino. But if you want to stick to “Genuino” software, keep OpenWRT-Yun. I do apologize for the mix up…]

[Edit 2 : As you may know, there is an ongoing battle Arduino (LLC) VS Arduino (SRL). All this confusion comes from here. You will find an quite interresting article on hackaday. Now I now why arduino.org Yùns are using Linino… both companies belong to the same guy.]

WARNING : I did test this on my Yùn. It may not work on yours. Be aware that you may loose your warranty. And worse, you may brick your Yùn, especially if bootloader flashing fails. You do this at your own risks. Please, don’t blame me if you brick your Yùn ! 

I bought my Yùn a while ago and did not find time to test it. In the meantime, in seems the prefered OS has changed  and now newest Yùn are fitted with Linino OS instead of “raw” OpenWRT. This caused me a bit of trouble because Arduino.cc’s Yùn getting starting guide is now assuming you have Linino installed… not OpenWRT.

I first tried a “sysupgrade” as described here [edit: this points to arduino.org, not arduino.cc]. But it failed… My Yùn was not booting any more :-(.

I should have RTFM ! It is clearly stated :

If you already have an old Arduino Yun board and you want to upgrade your board to LininoIO, you must first upgrade your on-board OS from OpenWrt-Yun to LininoOS

Ok… now what ? If it happens to you, you can follow this procedure : Reflashing the OpenWrt-Yun image on the Yún. But, as stated in the title : it reflashed OpenWRT, not Linino. And as stated in the procedure :

Following this guide will VOID the WARRANTY of your Yún

So, again, you do it at your own risks.

Anyway… back to square 1 : I have a running Yùn using the reflashing procedure but still loaded with OpenWRT, not Linino.

So, reading the reflashing guide; it says you MUST upgrade first to Linino… points to Linino’s latest image… but does not say how to upgrade. By chance, it it quite simple : you follow the very same procedure but using the Linino images :

And it worked : I now have a Yùn running Linino.

Two last tips :

  • In the first place, I struggled entering the bootloader, typing frenetically on enter… : in the Arduino’s serial monitor, don’t forget to choose “Newline” in the dropdown list beside baud rate. It’ll also help entring the commands to reflash the Yùn
  • After upgrading to Linino, the serial console shows garbage, although baud rate is properly set top 115200. As I understand it, It is due to incorrect baud communication setting between the microprocessor and the microcontroller. To solve this, just enter  “~1” (without the quotes) in sthe serial console and you should see clear text

Hope this will help