How to configure WeIO without Wifi

Although I understand that standard operation of WeIO is mainly based on Wifi, I believe that it should be possible to do initial configuration without Wifi. I mean : Wifi shouldn’t be required to configure… Wifi. It is a kinf of chicken and egg story…

In addition, I don’t have Wifi on my desktop PC. It is wired to my private network. I could have used my laptop… but… no… I wanted to be able to configure it without Wifi.

And it appears to be quite simple once you know were to look. There are a few things to know :

  • WeIO firmware is based on OpenWRT
  • Some WeIO script do the Wifi configuration and revert back to AP mode if if fails
  • You can connect directly to WeIO using USB port as it has an FTDI chip which allows to get to a serial console !

In the end, it is quite simple

How to configure Wifi manually

  • Connect WeIO to a USB port of your PC to the micro USB port available on the WeIO
  • In your favorite terminal emulator (I personnaly use KiTTY), configure the connetion as follow :
    • Connection type : Serial
    • Serial line to connect to : You have to find out which port is used. You may have a look into the device manager to see which one is used (COM 8 for me)
    • Speed : 115200
    • Data bits : 8
    • Stop bit : 1
    • Parity : None
    • Flow control : None

If the device is booted, after connecting, you should have something like that :

  • Just press ENTER and TA DA, root shell should appear

  • Then, you need to edit  /etc/config/wireless.sta to add your own wifi stuff (encryption, ssid and key)

  • Run the Wifi config script to tell WeIO to start in STA mode instead of AP mode

  • soft restart using the soft reset button on the board
  • Wait a little while until leds finished blinking
  • and only STA led should then be solid green
  • You’re now in STA mode and you can connect to it !

If you want a fixed IP

By default, WeIO will get an IP from your DHCP server. If you want to configure an IP without DHCP, you would need to edit /etc/config/network.sta BEFORE running wifi config script.

I did not try though.

A bit of troubleshooting

If WeIO fails to connect to the Wifi (wrong key, Wifi router not accepting connections…), WeIO will automatically revert back to AP mode… which will prevent you from trying to diagnose the source of the issue.

To disable this behavior (not definitively though), before trying to run the config script, run the following :

This will stop WeIO server and prevent it to come back to AP mode and let you the option to diagnose the issue. Once Wifi issue solved, don’t worry : at next reboot, WeIO server sill start again !


Credits : This was all done with the help of Uros & Drasko, fathers of WeIO, in the forum. Thank you guys for the quick replies.


WiDo : a WiFi connected arduino

After presenting WeIO, here is WiDo from DFRobot, yet another Open Source IoT node.


Image from

It is basically an Arduino Leonardo which includes a WG1300 WiFi chip. Apparently, this can be used with Adafruit’s CC3000 Arduino library which should make it quite straightforward to use.

What’s the difference between an Arduino + a CC3000 shield then ? The price ! At less that $30, it makes a quite cheap IoT plateform !

Ordered some… (DHL shipping is free until the end of september) but no more in stock. So I don’t know when I will receive them 🙁


Electric Imp : The Cloud Wifi IoT Gizmo

Just a quick news because I just discovered a  product that seems quite nice : the Electric Imp.


It is a typical Internet of Thinks gizmo which allows adding Wifi and internet connectivity in a quite simple way (it seems…) with a small foot print (and standard, like an SD card although it is NOT an SD card and it WON’T work as an SD card) at a quite low price.


It is easy to configure using a smartphone. The dedicated app is making the screen blink to send the configuration data to the Imp.

Just ordered it from Snootlab… can’t wait to test it !