Using Synology NFS share to use with XBian

I struggled a bit to have a Synology NFS share to work with my XBian. So I thought I would share how I finaly handled this. In the first place, I managed to see my Synology NFS server within XBian, see the exported filesystem but could not browse them ! And in the end, it appears to be quite simple…

By the way, I am using DSM 5.x with a DS411.

You need to enable NFS service in Control panel

2014-04-06 12_33_07-SynoHomeServer


Then, edit the Shared Folder you want to shared using NFS, go to NFS permission and create a new rule.

2014-04-06 12_33_55-SynoHomeServer

  • set hostname to your XBian IP (here I used * so any host can access it)
  • set priviledge to Read or Read/Write
  • Select “Map all users to admin” as Squash option
  • Tick both check box, “Enable Asynchronous” & “Allow connection from non priviledged ports”

2014-04-06 12_34_15-SynoHomeServer

And that should be it ! Now I can browse the NFS share from within XBian.


2 thoughts on “Using Synology NFS share to use with XBian

  1. GREAT. Thats it!
    I allways edit the /etc/exports via putty an del the secure_lock into secure
    on time it helped but after input another hdd this way false.

    your way works great. i dont know why i haved to use putty the last time

    • Hello GaS,

      This option may have been added “recently” to Synology DSM. I did find a lot of references about modifying exports file but enventually ended up fnding this option !

      Glad it helped 🙂

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