WeIO and DS18B20 temp sensor (1wire)

As of today, there is not yet a library for 1-wire for WeIO but interrestingly enough, you can read 1-wire data through a standard UART.

WeIO & DS18B20 640x480

Here is what I done

  • Download tar package provided by Uros (one of the WeIO creator) here : http://we-io.net/downloads/ds18B20.tar
  • Import it into my WeIO
  • Modifiy main.py so that you don’t need to know ROM ID upfront and you can connect as many sensor as you want

  •  Run the code

 UART error… and hot fix !

There is still a problem with the UART. From time to time, it’ll throw some errors.

But re-running the program will work after 2 or 3 tries…


The source of the problem was identified and will be fixed in upcoming release

To fix this problem, you can simply change the file : /weio/IoTPy/pyuper/ioboard.py, line 55  (a soft reset must be done after this change)

 Main sources of informations

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