Links & references

This page contains some of my favorites websites, blogs, online stores… I will add links as I discover usefull and nice websites !

Blogs & Projects

More than just online shops

  • Snootlab ( is a french online shop where I buy most of my electronic gizmos. They are Adafruit and Sparkfun reseller. Order quite a few times, never had to complain !
  • Although I am not directly buying from them because I am not based is the US, Adafruit ( and Sparkfun ( are a wealth of information and ressources.
  • I also go to Lextronic (  which has a physical shop near Paris. So  when I want something quickly, I just get there.
  • Ordered some nice Arduino like WiDo and Bluno from DFRobot
  • And now a shop in Paris for DIY electronics, 3D printers… : LetMeKnow

Hardware manufacturer


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