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I have not posted for a while but this is such a great news : after a long dispute which begun in 2015, a first “reconciliation” (Two Arduinos become one) in october 2016, it Arduino is moving forward

“BCMI, the company founded by Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles, David Mellis and Tom Igoe, co-founders of Arduino, announces that today it has acquired 100% ownership of Arduino AG, the corporation which owns all of the Arduino trademarks.”

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“Two Arduinos become one”…

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I have not publish any article lately… but I just discovered the news this week a month late ! And I think it is definitely worth spreading the word.

Arduino LLC (running and Arduino SRL (running are on the way of reconciliation ! And that is, in my opinion, a very good news,

As said in blog post :

At the end of 2016, the newly created “Arduino Holding” will become the single point of contact for the wholesale distribution of all current and future products, and will continue to bring tremendous innovations to the market.

In addition, Arduino will form a not-for-profit “Arduino Foundation” responsible for maintaining the open-source Arduino desktop IDE, and continuing to foster the open-source movement by providing support for a variety of scholarships, community and developer initiatives.

How did I miss this !

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