When I discovered the Arduino…

When I discovered the Arduino, digging a bit more, I found out that many projects were becoming possible using Arduino or Arduino like platforms because it allows me to use my computer knowledge to interact with the physical world !

I also found on the Internet a lot of resources, tutorials, experiences, do’s & dont’s… that were shared by many people and allowed me to understand how all this works. So I thought I could also share some of my own experiences, hoping it will be of some interrests and may be of help for other users like me !

So, this site will relate some of my thoughts, discoveries, projects around electronics, computers, programming, physical computing, home automation, Internet of Things… I will talk about projects involving Arduino of course, but also other platforms like Raspberry PiBeagleBone BlackopenPicus, projects like OpenEnergyMonitor and a lot more !

I will also speak more generaly about my experiences with IT and technologies I use

Mainly geek related stuff 🙂 Hope you will enjoy !