New WiFridge based on Adafruit CC3000 Wifi shield

Because I could no get a stable WiFridge (see here, here and here for details on my first version of WiFridge) using RN-XV Wifly module, I decided to give a try to the new Adafruit CC3000 Wifi shield.

By the way, I made a mistake when I ordered the shield (although it is quite clear on Adafruit’s web site…) there are 2 versions :

  • one with uFL connector and then needing an additionnal antenna and adapter wire
  • one with built-in ceramic antenna

So unless you really need an external antenna, the ceramic antenna should be sufficient for most use…

Apart from Wifi module, hardware is quite similar :

  • 2 waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensors
  • 1 AM2302 sensor

Temp Probes

  • 3 3mm LEDs (green, yellow, red)
  • 3 1kΩ resistor
  • 1 10kΩ resistor
  • 1 4.7Ω resistor (AM2302 does NOT need a pullup… it is built-in !)
  • 1 Arduino Wireless shield
  • 1 RN-XV Wifly module
  •  Adafruit CC3000 Wifi shield
  • a bunch of wires

WiFridge CC3000 640x480

Connections are quite straightforward :

  • Led are connected to digital I/Os 3, 6 and 7 through 1kΩ resistors. They are used for operation status.
  • Both DS18B20 are conected to port 8 (yellow wire) and make use of a 4.7kΩ pullup resistor
  • AM2302 is conneted to port 9… no pullup required !

Code for arduino is here.

It has now been running for 1 day with no glitch… and it will hopefully continue !

2014-02-11 23_18_13-Emoncms

Raspberry Pi has a new friend : ZiBASE Mini

Zodianet is a french startup which sells a home automation box : ZiBASE. They just released software running on ZiBASE for the Raspberry Pi : ZiBASE Mini. It is available as an SD card image or as a debian package.


(image from

There is a (not so) basic free version which is working with ZWave or enocean usb dongles. You will have a pay a licence for advance home automation (video streaming, data historization, scenarios…)

It is a nice way to start as software is free and Pi is cheap ! And it is known to work on CubieBoard also !

I’ll try it ! Downloading…